Welcome to the Austrian section of the Illuminates of Thanateros

Chaos magic breaks the comfort zone of preconceived systems of belief. Chaos magicians experiment with different paradigms and form their own subjective world views.

The Order of The Illuminates of Thanateros consists of chaos magicians that have decided to practice magic in a group. The benefits are that the group energy field of the order is bigger than the individual energy fields and that members profit from each others experiences.

The pact is understood as an affiliation of equals among equals, that is, members are on an equal footing and act independently. Since its inception, the Order has a strong presence in Austria with most of its members living in Vienna and Graz.


If you are interested in joining the Austrian section please use the contact address below.

Admission requires a six-month processing of The Book of the Novice that you find in the appendix of The Book. During this time you will be assigned a mentor and get to know the pact from the outside.

The Book of the Novice represents the framework within which you, together with your mentor, will work out your magical training program to be undertaken for a period of six months. Like this we ensure that all candidates have the same opportunity to meet the minimum requirements for initiation.

Email: cerberus@iotaustria.org

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